Adam Moran – Paper Nature Revision

Thanks to some conductive tape and finding out that I have tape in my dorm, I can actually have a physical setup. It’s a bit of a wire mess, but it’s actually framing the screen and is interactable. I did not go with the recommendation to go with a full border as that would limit the size of the screen that the project could work with.

I did, however, follow the advice to add a tree to the image (but not in the center; we do rule of thirds here). At first, while I liked the tree itself, I was not feeling the fact that it does not transition smoothly like the background. I then looked it up and found out that I can use motion tweening to change the alpha of the tree, so I made a fade in and fade out transition for each season for the tree. My next problem was to deal with playing the right transition (as I don’t want all three other seasons to transition out when I change seasons). As a result, I added a section to the patch that records the previous season change to play the right fade out. I also added messages to reset dynamic messages on load so that I don’t accidentally save a default state on them (such as background color and previous season).

Here is the interaction with the tree:

And here is the patch:

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  1. Kai Liu says:

    I really like the animations you created for your the seasons. They successfully represent the nature of the seasons. Although, it would really cool if you design the interface a little bit cleaner. Right now it looks a bit messy on the monitor.

  2. Thai Dao says:

    Great design to convey with few colors on the screen. The animations are also great. I’d find a way to make to on-screen buttons look cleaner, perhaps double-sided tapes would help?

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