Adam Moran – Meme Remix

For my meme remix, I chose We Are Number One, as it has already been heavily remixed and has both visual and audio edits made to it.

We Are Number One is one of many memes spawned from the kids’ TV show, Lazy Town. The context is that villain Robbie Rotten, whose goal is to make everybody lazy, has cloned himself to stop the hero Sportacus in a montage where he tries to teach his clones how to be the number one villain. While the song was a meme in itself, it gained massive popularity when it was revealed that Robbie Rotten’s actor, Stefán Karl Stefánsson, was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, sparking a meme revolution, with almost every iteration having a link in the YouTube description to the actor’s GoFundMe page to help him fight cancer. Unfortunately, Stefán Karl Stefánsson died August 21, 2018 at age 43.

This meme remix includes 11 iterations of We Are Number One plus the original; of the 11, 8 are synced with the original while the other 3 are too different to be effectively synced. The remix is started with the start button, which also serves to sync the 8 iterations together. One can switch between the iterations dynamically with either the face buttons or the D-pad, and can return back to the original with the left trigger. The iterations included are We Are Number One but it’s compliant with EU Copyright Directive Article 13, We Are Number One but it’s Borked by Gabe the Dog (another meme)), We Are Number One but it’s in Japanese, We Are Number One but it’s mashed with The Mine Song (another Lazy Town meme), We Are Number One but it’s opposite day, We Are Number One Otamatone (a type of electronic instrument) Cover, We Are Number One but it’s performed by Trumpet Boy (another meme), and We Are Number One but it’s Woahed by Crash Bandicoot (another meme).

The last three iterations cannot be dynamically swapped due to being too different to both the original and each other. They can be started with the left bumper, right bumper, and right trigger. The iterations included are We Are Number One but it’s mashed with Great Days, We Are Number One but every one activates a Jojo’s Stand, and We Are Number One but it’s mashed with Love Deterrence. These are not included in the video.

One can also alter the speed of playback using the x axis of the left analog stick, with a range of 0 (paused) to 2 (double speed), with neutral position being 1 (normal speed).

Pressing select stops the remix in a special (meme) way, pausing the video completely and preventing any other interaction outside of pressing start to restart the remix. I was going to have the paused video become monochrome, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work after already pausing the video.

Here is the patch:

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  1. Noah Hillman says:

    Very nice job aligning the videos so that they can be seamlessly switched to. Also great choice of videos, I hadn’t seen all of these yet.

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