Geometric Abstraction – Aidan Sensiba

My inspiration for this project was Bridget Riley, whose work positions simple geometry such as lines and circles in rows or sine waves to create interesting visual fields. I did something similar, creating a dampened sine wave out of circles, open spheres and open cubes. The three states randomly choose the frequency and phase of the wave, as well as the color and node shapes. The background is randomly generated as well using Perlin noise.

I implemented the package for much of my pattern generation, as it was well-suited for the visuals I wanted.

Here are some of Bridget Riley’s works that inspired me.

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  1. Gavin Taylor says:

    All the different shapes and textures are really nice. They look like possible wallpapers.

  2. Jarod Romankiw says:

    Cool patch here. Thats really cool how the make the physics work.

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