Final Project Concept – Aidan Sensiba

My project is a metaphor for procrastination, in that it is a game where one can postpone certain things that inevitably catch up to them in the end. In this, the player is centered in a webcam screen which is being encircled by various undone chores, such as exams, laundry, etc. The player can use a TV remote to temporarily delay these chores, but they will continue to close in. Eventually, when a chore reaches the middle, the game is over. 

To improve this project I plan to fine-tune the motion tracking, replace the placeholder art, and perhaps add some special effects or a three-strikes lose condition for the player. I may need to do some research on the jit and CV functionality if I want to add some more advanced on-screen movement.

Here is the video and a sketch of the concept. (The mouse is standing in for the TV remote for now.)

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