Yellow Jacket’s Hive- Super Ultra Mega Final Deluxe

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Okay, this is about as “fixed” as the player controller is gonna get without a total rewrite.  I got the bullets and IK working, but in order to have the player character register that he’s moving around and play his animations accordingly, I’d have to reprogram the controller from the ground up.  (The current controller can also go off the edge of the stage, which isn’t intended.)

This is already technically late, so I’d rather just cut my losses and say “he has animations, don’t worry about it.”  Aside from adding more fans (which were already a finished prefab), every change in this version is exclusively tech side- getting bullets to work properly, mostly.


Anyway!  I’m really happy with how the final project came out.  Give it a shot!  (Try shooting at the enemies!)

2 thoughts on “Yellow Jacket’s Hive- Super Ultra Mega Final Deluxe”

  1. I immediately fell through your world when I played. I played the other version and it was fine.

    I really like the lighting. The idea with the pipes worked out awesome. I got a Metroid theme from it a little bit.

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