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Final: Tainted Temple

Tainted Temple takes place in a mountain top temple, recently abandoned by its inhabitants. You are an exorcist, coming to investigate possibly supernatural causes, rumored from those before, and eliminate them.

Of course as it is there is no combat simply because I have no idea how to do that.

I must say I am quite proud of my level, though it is lacking in propper clutter, or at least not as much as I would like.  At the very least  Igot the roof looking more complete than it had been, though its hardly optimized, and positioning each individual piece was a pain, and for some reason things were on odd slight angles now and then.

Overall, proud of what i have done as it is my first time working with the unity engine, though If I could go back I would definitely try to change my scope a bit, and focus more on one part, probably the caves, making a larger underground system instead.

The roof is my favorite. Feel free to stare at it and ignore other aspects.




Unfortunately the lighting did not work well, as it baked a shadow over the entirity of the building model, making them look not quite like I would have liked


The grass looks good at least. as gar as I think anyway, tough perhaps I should have thickened it up on the hillScreen_3

The baking also made the interior lighting rather flat, and I wasn’t sure how to fix that either.Screen_4

I touched uo the cave wals a bit, but I probably should have increased the torch lighting to show off the contours.Screen_5

Torches were fun. Particles were a pain to adjust to something I liked. But  the bamboo shafts turned out rather well, even though I accidentally made them blac and white at one point and had to re paint them.

Screen_6 Screen_7 Screen_8

Level Concept- Tainted Temple


You are a young exorcist, sent to exterminate a supposedly small instance of a haunting within a Shaolin temple. The fact that its a temple makes you wonder why they are not capable of any such dealings themselves. The temple seems abandoned upon entry but the reasons become obvious when you enter, beginning your ritual only to have it interrupted by the very obviously possessed monks. Your work is cut out for you as you must now fight your way through them to escape, and cleanse them and the temple of the foul spirits within.

Level Concept

The level itself will be based on a slightly simplified Shaolin temple, to keep it within my own scope. The temple will be divided into multiple rooms that the player must fight through in order to get outside, where a flat arena will serve as a place for a boss encounter. The temple will be isolated and keep the player within, using a spiritual barrier to prevent leaving. Beyond the barrier will be forest or mountains to give a proper view instead of simply walling it off with nothing.

Art Style.

The games style will hover between realistic and cartoonish, with character proportions possibly exaggerated, and colors brighter than realistically so. The scenery will err on the side of realism in its stylings but the colors will also be more emphasized to prevent complete contrast between the two.


The game will be in a top down or angled view, where the character acts as the center focus. It will be a beat em up style game where you must fight multiple enemies in each room, with basic movement and combat mechanics, and make your way to the objective points in order to progress.

early character design and temple ideas
early character design and temple idea

(further images to be added, as scanner is giving me trouble with getting traditional stuff in)