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Lucid – Pre-Production Portfolio

v2 Level Design


mrb level design v2 floor 1
Ground Floor.
mrb level design v2 floor 2
Second Floor.

The level has been significantly scaled back from the original design, which I realized was hilariously out-of-scope compared to the finished projects from last year. Originally a suburban street featuring numerous examples of iconic 50’s architecture, the level is now just the cinema.

The street outdoors is not bound by solid walls; instead, smog masks the edges, and blocks movement. The double-doors that lead into the theater room are locked. After discovering this, the player’s eye will be drawn to the side staircase door, leading them to the second floor. The second-floor window of the cinema allows the projector to project the movie onto the screen. Upon interaction, the teapot on the table will boil and produce steam, then pop into the air and take off like a rocket, soaring through the window and into the movie screen, shattering it to reveal a hidden area. In the hidden area is a bed; interacting with it ends the level.


Color Swatches

color swatchesThe cinema interior is primarily red, brown, and slate. The red is decorative, but also draws attention to certain objects and areas. The yellows will be used as highlights (such as text, embroideries, and other things that will stand out against red but also compliment it).

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Level Concept – Lucid

The level, which is called Lucid, takes place in a dream world. Set in 1950’s suburban America, the player character explores the environment that has been skewed by the surreal nature of their dream. Normally familiar archetypes of the era are made unfamiliar; some are whimsical, and some are unsettling. Interactive objects will behave in unnatural ways; the player could walk up to a poster advertisement and pick up an item pictured on it, a heavy car could float away at the lightest touch, and a house could turn inside-out.

The level will be a primarily outdoor environment, with some limited indoor segments. It will be in first-person, with interactive objects, plenty of exploration, and some simple platforming. The player’s objective is simple: find a bed in the level, and sleep in it (in a more complete game around this concept, there would be many levels like this one, and the player’s objective in each one would still be to find the bed. Some of the levels might take place outside of the dreams, while most others would be in dreams of varying tone, but consistent setting). The bed would not be readily available; the player must complete certain tasks to find it and reach it.

Iconic symbols of the 1950’s will be on display in the level, and many will be incorporated into solving the level’s challenges. The player will be able to identify what objects are affected by the dream visually (this detail remains uncertain; currently I’m thinking the objects should be surrounded by a haze created by a particle effect), so that the level’s challenges don’t end up being incomprehensible.

Louis Armstrong purple

A poster/billboard that will appear in the level.