4 thoughts on “Arios Final”

  1. Is the Unity project redirecting to that screenshot for anyone else, or is that just me?

    Anyway, I saw what you had in class, so I can comment on that. I really like what you did with the cave! Those glowing crystals really created a cool atmosphere.

  2. It asks me to give my browser permission then redirects to a screenshot for me as well.

    As for your stage, I really enjoyed your color scheme, and I felt the lighting, especially on the chrystals, was done really well.
    I ended up having my own lighting issues persist with backing.
    How did you do them? just various point lights or?

  3. I don’t mean to turn these comments into a broken record, but those crystals were really something else. I think the partial transparency on them is what really drives it home. Top-notch stuff.

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