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PirateIsland WIP

Below are a few screenshots within Unity of my game level. I was going for a very angular/planar look to the game to reflect my reference material.

The level is far from done. I plan to continue working on it to get it finished or to the point where I want it by the end of the week. I will update this post as I progress.

I already changed the normals for the palms to show on both sides!

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Pirate Island Level Design

PirateMapPirate Island is a map with a lower beach area and an upper jungle area. The player can move up and down via the cave through the mountain and can also jump down from the jungle into the pool of water by the waterfall.


ColorKeyRepeatingAssetsDue to there being a lot of outdoor areas, I cannot really repeat a lot of the same “wall”. Instead, I am going to try to make repeatable assets and try to make an interconnecting rock face as well as jungle perimeter. I need the jungle perimeter to prevent players from wondering through the paths.


Waterfall Wood2 I really want a cartoony vibe or the game, so I decided to use a lot of hard angles instead of organic smooth skin and such. I would like my character and a lot of the assets to not have any curves on them. The style sort of reminds me of folk art, wood carved figurines like the one above and below. Ideally, I would really like to make my character like the torso bust 2 down with the planar model style.Wood1planarFront

I also really like the styles of Monkey Island. I want to try to replicate a lot of what that game had visually, but in 3D of course.monkeyisland

I also really like the art for this new game by Owlchemy Labs, Dyscourse. It has very geometric art. It again, is 2D, so I have the challenge of making it 3D as well.dyscourseIslandCave bridge Boat


Pirate Island

Pirate Islnad Concept

Pirate Islnad Concept

Game Summary

My game takes place on a tropical island which a pirate ship has beached on. The pirates were on a voyage to gain riches and had a map which said there was treasure on the island. Upon arriving, a storm hit and the boat was driven ashore and hit by a rock. The pirates all double crossed each other thinking they could find the treasure on their own, but many die in the search. There are is an indigenous people on the island as well.

The main character was a crew member of the ship with hopes of raising through the ranks. Upon arriving on the island, he sets off on his own to find the treasure like many others. He does well for himself by making a small fort, but he wishes to get off the island. Battling hunger, indigenous tribes, and other pirates, he must try to build a raft to leave as well as try to find the treasure he had wanted find.

The game starts at the base the character had set up. It is up to the player to explore the island while avoiding all the hazards. The island is quite large with caves, jungles, beaches, etc. There are treasure chests to find as well as rival pirate caches to steal from. The whole premise is to escape though, so the payer must be on the lookout for raft supplies.

The game will be third person.


Art Style

The game will have a very angular, primitive art style. I was thinking of Team Fortress 2 a little bit combined with a vector art feel. I am trying to go for a flat 3D game, which seems odd, but I believe it will be interesting. The game will definitely be cartoonish with animations, environment, and characters. A related animation style would be that of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I was also inspired by The Secret of Monkey Island (the redone one) as well.

I will use saturated colors to make it more visually appealing, but I still want a gloomy mood a little. It will be a challenge to do.