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Level Concept- Bat Country

It’s 1971, and you’ve found yourself in a hotel room at the Flamingo in Las Vegas with no idea how or why. The place is in ruins, a catastrophe of biblical proportions. What happened last night? Was it even last night? How long have you been here? Whatever the answer is, you’d best figure it out as quick as you can. It’s amazing hotel security hasn’t shown up yet, but there’s no way you can fly under the radar for too much longer. Time to piece things together, get your stuff, and get out of town. Fast.

The player begins in a 70’s style hotel suite, completely trashed. The player needs to move around to specific spots in the room, uncovering objects which will trigger pre-scripted flashbacks to help the player piece together what happened up until this point.

Color Palette-meant to evoke a late 70′-early 80’s sense of Vegas kitsch