5 thoughts on “STenson Final Level”

  1. Your level has really good atmosphere. I especially like the animated television, it makes the whole scene feel almost surreal. The main issue I can see is a lack of lighting. I like that your scene is dark, but it is a little too uniform. It might be cool to have light coming in from outside and casting shadows.

  2. My only comment to follow up Charlie’s is that I wish you edited the UV line texture effect with either thicker lines or none at all. The models with this effect feel a bit disconnected from the rest of the piece.

  3. Try and clean up the spacing between the modular pieces. There are some gaps that could be easily closed. Using vertex snapping could get this done in a few minutes.

  4. It looks like you have some neat stuff here, but it’s really hard to see any of it! The lighting from the TV is a good effect, but you should consider doing similar things in other places so that you can actually light up most of the level. For example, there’s a lamp in the first room- putting a light in it would’ve made the whole room a lot more visible!

  5. A lot of your models could benefit from some more polygons; it’s most noticeable with the TV and the couches.

    On the other hand, your textures are mostly superb. I want that wallpaper.

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