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Project Final – Breadwinner

Screenshots on my blog! Click here!

Here’s my final! It’s a bright and colorful day at the market!
Biggest regret is that I wasn’t able to rig my little pigs and have them run around in the mud… Will probably add that at a later time. :]

Since third person cameras are kind of difficult to program, I just put my character in the scene with a demo of her walk and idle animations.

Overall I’m pretty happy with it! This was my first time putting something together entirely on my own in Unity, so the struggle was very real. Will definitely need to tweak some of the textures and colliders when I have a bit more time. Right now there isn’t a collider on the stairs so you can’t actually get up to the roof, but that’s something I has originally planned to add. I’ll throw in a couple screenshots of that in a later post.


Changes to Character Model



Decided to change my character’s face a bit. Using geometry instead of a texture. I think it fits the style I’m going for a lot more. :]



Solid View.




You can also see I’ve changed her shirt and hair color. I like this a lot better. Thanks for all the feedback concerning color choices!!

Hyperstylized Outdoor Area?

Threw some of my trees and bushes in a scene quickly to see the effect. I’m going for a super stylized and colorful feel.  I’m also going to be adding a wooden fence around the area, and a few little farm animals (I’ve already modeled a little pig, but haven’t thrown a texture on him yet).
Are the colors too much?  I’m having some difficulty making the path colors less jarring. I think I might just need to add in more slight color variations of the browns….



Level Concept – “The Breadwinner”

[Note: I’m posting a new version of assignment one here because I thought of a new idea that I like a bit better than my original concept.]


Moira prides herself on being quick on her feet, a necessary skill when you have to steal your day-to-day meals.



The Character:
Moira is our young protagonist (about 14-15 years old). Coming from a poor background, Moira spends her day playing in the streets with other children her age, and sees nothing wrong from taking from the wealthy when she is in need. The abundant smells and flavors of the market are extremely alluring, especially when she’s looking for a snack.

Level Setting:
The level takes place in a busy indoor marketplace that is full of vendors, produce stalls, and shoppers. The player will be guided along a linear path, which navigates around a first room, ascends to the roof, and then drops down into another room.

The Art:
The marketplace is bright and busy, with lots going on! The 3D navigable space will be full of colorful people and foods on display. The textures on the low-poly models will be bold, flat colors, resulting in a highly stylized feel.

The Gameplay:
As Moira, the player must navigate through a linear level while collecting the ingredients to make the perfect lunchtime sandwich. Starting with a stolen loaf of bread, Moira must also steal a tomato, cheese, some lettuce, and prosciutto and then navigate to the exit of the marketplace.
The player will navigate using standard PC controls (WASD to move, mouse to control camera angle and movement). There will also be a jump command (spacebar) that is needed to clear small obstacles, like crates.
Moira must also avoid the police and the vendors she steals each item of food from.

The musical track accompanying this fast-paced level will be upbeat. I want the music to sound playful, reflective of Moira’s childish demeanor.


Level Concept – Hypersomnia

Everyone knows that ‘time is money’. To what lengths would humans go to buy themselves more time?
In this world, sleep has become a past-time, a time waster, and a profession. The rich and famous hire ‘Sleepers’ to dream their dreams so that they can be awake and alive.
You are a ‘Sleeper’. You spend your days in a dark room in a dark city, with buildings so tall they block out the natural light of the sun. You sleep and sleep and dream ideas that are not your own. Soon these memories of others will draw you into a dark conspiracy, but not yet. For now it is only important that the little time you spend awake, and as yourself, is lived in the way you want.


Level Setting:
During this level, the player is introduced to our character, Sonya, who awakes from a client’s dream. Realizing it’s almost dawn, Sonya departs her small apartment and leaves the city to watch the sunrise. She walks through the city to her bike and then drives the rest of the way.
(This will allow me to focus on creating a visually appealing and explorable environment, rather than one centered around game mechanics.)


The City:
The city in which my level takes place is based on a near-future imagination of Manhattan. Confined to a small surface area, the city has built upward as its population has grown, creating skyscrapers three times as tall as the ones we know today. To accommodate this vertical growth, the city has numerous platforms which divide the city into layers. The further down one goes, the more reliant on artificial lighting the environment becomes.
The technology present in this world is largely based off of current day advancements. Small futuristic adaptations exist, but I want the player to feel a sense of familiarity when navigating through the level. What differences there are will be treated as commonplace.
As an example: Sonya’s bike is modeled off of a WW2 era motorcycle, but the back end hovers. It is a mix between the old and recognized and the futuristic.

Beyond the city limits is a vast wasteland of nothingness. The Earth is dry and parched from overuse and has been long since abandoned for the relative ease of city life. Wildlife is practically nonexistent, and what plants remain are brittle and weak. The one unaltered power is the sun, left untouched by man. Watching the sunrise will be a stark contrast to the dark and dirty city Sonya has traveled through to get here.

The gameplay of this introductory level will be limited to navigation and some point-and-click style object interactions.
The player will navigate through the city by using the arrows keys to move and the mouse to interact with objects. The areas will be presented as screens (in a ‘Walking Dead’ or ‘Final Fantasy 7’ style) with a fixed side-view camera, but the player will be able to navigate freely around the screen.

Art Style:
The art style for the city portion of this level will include low-poly models with detailed textures. I’ll be aiming for a stylized look with a dark and grungy color palette, featuring primarily grays, greens, and unsaturated colors.
The wilderness will be much more vast and sparsely decorated, but will feature warm colors.

The music for this level will be minimalist, perhaps only becoming very noticeable during the sunrise. I want the player to be focused on sound effects instead, which I think will make the City setting feel more sinister and cold.