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Level Concept- Arios Orion IV

Level Concept- Arios Orion IV

1) Story

The near destruction of the universe at the hands of the two galactic superpowers, the Unified Space Alliance (USA) and the Union of Star System Republics (USSR) has lead to the absolute destruction of all governments, prompting the rise of paramilitary groups to fill the void of power. The distant planet of Arios Orion IV, a calm planet once safe from the perils of the universe, has been reduced to barren wastelands by the nuclear fires of the war. Now, the planet is nothing but a host for violence and murder. Motorized gangs drive through the desert looting all they can find, slavers capture innocents and sell them to warlords to build their armies, and USSR Cyber-Spetsnaz Commandos awaken from their automated sleep to wage the final bloody contingency plan of their now-defunct government.

The year is 199X. The pleas of the diminishing colonist population of Arios Orion IV have finally reached the ears of Grandmaster Telum of the Star Templars, an organization of cyborg warrior-monks born out of the fires of war-torn Earth. Telum, in response, has dispatched Knight Arnulf to the planet. Arnulf now leads his own crusade to save the planet from absolute ruin.

2) Approach


The setting of the level is in the chemical deserts of Arios Orion IV. The player wanders through the desert, through caves and scales cliffs in search of the remaining hostiles. The player takes on the role of a cyborg-super soldier capable of laying waste to entire armies and takes the appearance of a medieval knight. Most of the enemies will be leather-wearing raiders. Mountains will be visible in the background but will be unreachable. Likewise, the sky will be lit up by stars and planets. The desert has several alien pyramids in it, and features a massive metallic arch.

Art Style

My level will be largely influenced by 1970s and 1980s science fiction novels, films and fiction. Movies such as Mad Max, Robocop, The Terminator, Dune, Judge Dredd, Tron and Predator. I plan on using an overabundance of chrome colors as well as a lot of cyan, pink and yellow. A lot of the art will be clean, clear and highly saturated. The desert will be bright yellow, the sky will have a large Tron-like grid, and armor and structures will be overdesigned and flamboyant.


Gameplay will be relatively simple and clear. The perspective will most likely be first person, although there is a possibility it could also be third-person. The player will be given two weapons- a rapid-firing automatic pistol (modeled after the Skorpion submachine gun) and melee weapon (either a spear or a broadsword). Enemies will most likely be bikers with armed with bats, nunchucks and improvised brawling weaponry. If there is enough time, there is also the possibility a second enemy type will be created. The second type of enemy could be either a robot of some type of cyborg soldier armed with a rifle.


Sound will not be a main concern. The music, however, is fairly important and I will aim to find something that fits the theme of the game. Soundtracks from Hotline Miami, Farcry 3 Blood Dragon and music from the composer Com Truise are all good examples of music that would fit with the setting.

Concept Art

Arios Orion IV

Arios Orion IV


Knight Arnulf