3 thoughts on “Yorkshaw Port Town Final Project”

  1. This level is so great! My favorite part is definitely the very first sight you have of it- it tells the whole story of this setting. The waves, the ships, the lit buildings, the moon (and also the other moon)- it’s perfect!

  2. The town is sick. I had difficulty finding the tavern door you made, so maybe mark it better. For the buildings, you said in class that they were made up of all separate planks and things, but they could just as easily been done with normals (and save a lot of resources). I also noticed some weird lighting differences between close and far (probably the lightmapping) but I dont know how to fix that, you may with all your coding knowledge.

  3. Unity Wizard, please impart your knowledge unto me!
    The whole level is gorgeous. You could go pretty far with talent like this.

    The one thing I would change: the water goes up and down pretty dramatically. If there’s a way to make it do so a smaller amount, the whole thing would be perfect.

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