Final Submission: Rainy Day

My final project- Rainy Day. I like how it came out, but if I went back and redid it I’d change a lot of things. I love the general feel of the level- my musician did a great job. The atmosphere I think flows really well, especially with the cars and windowlights. If I were to go back and rebuild from the ground up, I’d definitely redo the character mesh and make him playable. I’d mess around with particles too- I couldn’t get the rain to look quite how I wanted. All across the board I’d amp up the resolution on the textures, or at least make them geometry based for those sharp edges.

I learned a ton about unity, though, and that’s pretty cool.

7 thoughts on “Final Submission: Rainy Day”

  1. The sounds in this level work really well, especially the cars. The only problem I ran into is that it can be a little hard to figure out where to go in the outdoor portion because of the extremely limited view distance and lack of visual cues.

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