Gavin Taylor – Assignment 1, Short Bio and artworks

I have a lot of experience with digital and traditional art. My primary applications are Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, but I’ll occasionally use Illustrator. I’m also really big into photography, so most of my time goes into taking photos. I generally enjoy taking picture of nature, architecture, urban areas, and sometimes people.

In terms of programming I took a class last term that involved a lot of Python, a program which i don’t know very well at all. It was extremely difficult for me because I don’t know any coding languages. As for  electronics, I have spent time with a plethora of tech devices. Ranging from smart phones to computers and even wearable tech, I’ve just about seen it all. I’ve used many computers with various interfaces and Operating Systems. The same goes for phones and other smaller pieces of tech, such as smart watches. However, I still enjoy drawing. The few art classes I’ve taken here were helpful in that they taught me better methods to drawing certain things. Especially when it comes to figure drawing, my workflow is much faster.

The world has a lot of interesting shapes and structures. Some of the goals I have, is to get to an intermediate level at everything I enjoy, and then master the things I love. I want to get to a point where people are familiar with my work, whether it be photography, videography, or graphic design. Also, I’ve picked up music production over the summer using Logic Pro X. I’m still a beginner, but I’m starting to get the hang of it and it’s a ton of fun. I find inspiration in the music listen to, the movies and shows I watch, and generally anything around me. There’s something about attempting to create the type of music you love is a challenge.  I’m currently working on 5 different songs. I constantly run into this routine of having an idea and immediately making a new track so I wont forget it. However, I never end up finishing a project at a time so they all pile up.

This is some of my latest work, taken while I was away on IQP in Panama. I truly appreciated how they decided to keep the old city in tact and build their new city next to it. I see it as them having a deeper appreciation to their older architecture. On that note, architecture is almost considered its own craft and I’ve been considering getting into it.



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