Paper Nature – Minh-Chau Doan

My Paper Nature piece is titled “Season’s Greetings.”

I love making cards and playing around with different paper art concepts to decorate them so this was the perfect opportunity to combine everything and create a greeting card that existed virtually and in real life.

For the paper art itself, I created a card with a origami tree in front and a pop up flower and dried flowers on the inside. On the front, the interactive component was the snow which was foil covered with a paper that had holes in it. The interactive component for the pop up flower was the leaves I drew next to the flower. I placed conductive thread on top of the dried flowers.

For the digital interaction, when the snow was touched, one of three random videos associated with winter would play. When the drawn leaves were touched, a flower would bloom on the screen and when the dried flowers were touched, one of three random videos associated with summer would play.

Screen Recording:

Paper Interaction:


Ways I could improve this project: Making the videos connect better because they seem choppy to me, Adding audios and/or animations like an overlay of snow falling, Adding more videos to each season, Adding the season of fall, Better incorporation of ground, Better randomization (less choppy transitions and less repeats)


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  1. Kai Liu says:

    It is quite interesting that you put wires among the branches of the plant. Although right now, the papercut in the center doesn’t have any interactivity. You are, as far as I know, the only one doing pop-ups. Maybe adding some conductive materials on it would help you better address it?

  2. Thai Dao says:

    The pop-up is great and I can barely see the wires. Great job!

  3. Gavin Taylor says:

    The drawing in addition to the popup is a great touch, and I think it sets it apart from others.

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