Meme Remix – Minh-Chau Doan

I remixed Kazoo Kid who became popular after Dead VCR posted the video “You on Kazoo,” which samples clips from the 1989 children’s show Special Friends which features kids playing kazoo. The video gained popularity when people started remixing and reposting it due to the slightly off and creepy nature of the video. I picked this because it is one of the memes my friends and I really enjoy.

Original video:

You start the video from the beginning by pressing START. By pressing X Y B or A, you can trigger certain snippets of the video. To go back to the original video, just press BACK. LT scratches the main video. LB randomizes the fracturing. RB triggers the chorus effect for the special friends video clip (button A).

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  1. Joshua Galang says:

    Absolutely hilarious! ‘You’re my special friiiiieeeeeend.’ in slow motion was absolutely hilarious.

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