Final Project Concept – Minh-Chau Doan

For my final project I wanted to work with either the theme of love or the theme of flowers. I decided to just combine the two. Right now there are a lot of ideas so we’ll see what I can accomplish in the time we have.

The metaphor compares life to flowers where one must take care of oneself and ones relationships much like one cares for flowers. Only then will it blossom. The idea is to have flowers in the shape of a heart that moves to one’s heartbeat. This would be done through LED’s or servos.

I really want to include a heartbeat sensor in this so this is something I would have to research. So far from what I’ve seen, it looks like there are patches out there that I can use and hopefully it will be a seamless integration.

I also want to use servos in this but I have to research this additionally and see if I can find more servos to complete the effect. I’m thinking if I am limited to one or two servos though I can still make it work through using linkage mechanisms.

Since I want to include a lot of sensors and output feedback but I am not sure about wiring since all I have right now is the tiny breadboard and wires allotted in the Arduino kit. It might end up being a lot easier to just use Makey Makey and rely on touch instead.

In terms of the digital and audio output, I was thinking that there could be a beat that plays along with the heartbeat and if you trigger a photo resistor or the Makey Makey then you could add to the beat. I think there would be too much going on if I also did a digital display but I am open to trying out something on the screen if it will make my piece more cohesive.


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