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Super Smash Bros Ultimate is about to be released. I am INCREDIBLY excited. So much so that i have been watching wayyyy too many gameplay videos. That aside recently nintendo released a pretty neat trailer that basically shows a majority of the fighters duking it out to no music. Some clever people managed to figure out that the trailer itself goes well with LITERALLY any song. And i mean literally any song. So i decided to take this new and probably short lifespan of a meme format and use it for this project:

You get the idea. I matched the video to 3 meme songs and Beethoven’s 5th symphony and lo and behold it actually works! When the BPM hits jusssst right, man that feels good. Anyway to spice things up I also added some special video effects that were controlled via a thematically chosen GameCube controller which controls the video and audio playback.

That particular patch looks a little something like this. The ascii values of the controller are polled for and then converted into button presses via a Bang/Toggle combination and then sent to its specified output. The C-stick, Joystick and D-Pad are also included in here as well.

Now once that data is collected and parsed it is then sent to the main patch as seen above. Inside the main patch there are 4 video effects and you can also see that there are the 4 songs. The 4 video effects are selected for using the A/B/X/Y and Z buttons where the z button just resets the video to its original format. All of the video effects themselves are controlled via tha joystick where the x axis controls one dial and the y axis controls another dial for each effect, alloiwng you to control nd eidt your video live! At the same time the songs are controlled by the x and y axis on the C-Stick. The positive and negative of the x and y axis respectively controls the volume of each song which allows for you to also switch songs live during the video playback. In this sense it really completes to the fullest in that you can switch the song at any time during the video playback and any song will ALWAYS go with the video.

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  1. Aidan Sensiba says:

    I like that you can switch to a new song at any time so you can really test if the video syncs up with anything. The real-time video effects are cool, too, and I think it would also be cool to be able to distort the pitch or speed of the song.

  2. Han Liu says:

    The video is cool, vivid and colorful, that’s why it goes well with so many songs. The songs and special effectsare well chosen as they are in harmony with the video.

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