Will Gaddis – Maquette

For my Maquette, I practiced with figuring out how to create light painting with photography and experimented briefly with integrating that painting with portrait photography. I experimented with different exposure, ISO, aperture, and Shutter Speed settings. For the next step, I will look to combine more lighting elements together and find a more empty, dark place to complete the photo shoots.

I practiced using light painting as the primary highlighting light source in my photos to see how that would affect the atmospheric lighting of portraits. I also needed to experiment with correct shutter speed to make sure the subject wasn’t too out of focus, while still getting enough time to create a light painting effect.

Shopping list:


week of 9/16 – Acquire supplies and complete creative experimentation (Find location, test supplies acquired, Rough Draft complete)

week of 9/23 – Polish Rough Draft, fix problems and iterate, practice post-processing effects in lightroom and photoshop to see how they can enhance the project, document progress.

week of 9/30 – Take final series photographs

week of 10/7 – Polish, finalize, edit, document last changes

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