Maquette – Sofia de Oliveira

I’ve created a small cardboard model of my design. The lights do not make an image as they would in the final design. However, through making this design, I have decided that the lights will have to be connected to the bottom to keep them straight. I wanted to be able to reuse the LEDs that I used in this design, so I did not solder any wires together, which is why the lights don’t light up. Below is my shopping list, and a timeline I’ve created in order to complete the project well, and on time.

  • LED Lights – used to make the images
  • Corner Pieces – used to connect the pvc pipes
  • Pipes – used to create the framework
  • Fishing Line – to hold the LED lights from the bottom to keep them straight
  • Power Supply – to light up the LEDs
  • Pegboard – to hang the lights from and connect them from the bottom
  • Wiring – to extend the wires (if needed)
  1. Have images decided – Sept 18th
  2. Order/buy parts – Sept 19th
  3. Have framework created – Sept 22nd
  4. Assignment: Failure, Recalibration & Iteration – Sept 23rd
  5. Keep working throughout the week
  6. Assignment: Everything Working – Sept 30th
  7. Finalize everything throughout the week
  8. Assignment: Polish & Present – Oct 4th
  9. Prepare the final presentation throughout the week
  10. Assignment: Final Project – Oct 7th
  11. Polish final documentation throughout the week
  12. Assignment: Final Documentation – Oct 10th

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