Luftwerk | Light Art Studio

Luftwerk is a collaborative effort from artists Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero. They focus on creating light art and other projects primarily through video projection, seeking out spaces that combine their fascination of urban architecture with organic and natural themes or space. Their works also often employ sound, video, sculpture, shadows, and multi-media programming to bring abstraction and immersion to places where light and art would normally not exist. Some of their most famous pieces can be found below:

Luminous Field is a grid-based light projection in Millennium Park Chicago. It was built to follow and move with synchronized composed music and the colors/patterns reflect uniquely off the cloud gate sculpture that the park is famous for.

Flow is a water-based visual installation designed to change based on river health in the sister cities of Chigago, US, and Hamburg, Germany. As the rivers in those cities change based on factors such as chemical pollution, oxygen levels, and flow, the two sides of the installation also change in intensity, pattern, and scale to mimic healthy or struggling water.

Geometry of Light is a light-art installation at the Barcelona Pavilion. At night, a grid-based light projection turns on and the various geometric lines appear, disapear, and move around the structure. The light-based grid both accentuates the negative space of the structure, complementing the sleek architectural design, while also highlighting and drawing attention to the organic sculptures and features within the pavilion on which the lines becomes distorted.

Color code is a serious of complementary color-changing installations designed to send a message about the unrest and dissatisfaction many groups and cultures around the world are experiencing. The nine pieces, embossed with shapes that spell out the universal Morse Code for “SOS,” change colors but continually remain complementary with their background illumination.

Becoming is a light art installation inspired by Emile Galle’s drawing of an anemone. An interplay of projected lights with various printed colored wallpapers continuously changes the atmosphere of the exhibition.

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