Light Artist – Bruce Munro

Bruce Munro is an amazing light artist. His work is very unique since it is one such a large scale. Some of his work is more than 15 acres. It’s a really unique thing in the world of art in my opinion. Bruce grew up in the UK, but world wide travel has him in many different locations throughout the year. He started college but ended up dropping out since he didn’t see the worth in it. After a year of dropping out, he ended up going back after finally realizing that art was part of his life, and that he wanted to pursue it at the collegiate level. In 1992, Bruce traveled to Uluru (Australia), where the illumination of the raindrops on the dry desert sand inspired his ‘field of light’ exhibition. It wouldn’t be until 20 years later that he built this exhibit in Uluru. But in the meantime, he took a large loan to buy a farmhouse, and several acres of land, where he could practice the art that he invisioned. He then began getting recognition and started to build is ‘field of light’ around the world. I’ve seen this exhibit in Uluru and it is a true spectacle. I hope my powerpoint attached can help you visualize the work that Bruce has done!

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