Concept Proposal – Joncarlo

For my light art project, I have a few ideas. I love photography and taking long exposure photos has always interested me. I have only tried taking a few long exposure photos before and I am happy with how they turned out, but I want to try something different. I have seen long exposure photos taken where a drone is used to light up a subject or create a pattern. I like this idea, though it has already been done by many other people. I want to do something different for my project. I figured there are a few ways I can incorporate drones and or RC airplanes in taking long exposures. 

Example of long exposure using a drone to light the subject
A long exposure I took from a drone

One option I am thinking of is using a strip of LED lights and lighting them green or purple. I would try to match the colors of the northern lights as closely as possible. Then I would attach them to my drone and fly over a landscape at dusk or night, simulating the Northern lights.

LED Strip

Another idea I had was to deck out an RC plane or drone with a few different LED lights and fly in patterns, creating images in the long exposure.

Image result for rc plane leds
Example of a plane flying with LEDs

My last idea is to drop a bunch of LEDs from a high height and create a cool affect. I think dropping dozens of these LED whirly bird toys would be a spectacular performance to witness in person and also capture in a long exposure photo.

Whirly Bird Toys

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