Concept Proposal- Jeremy

I want to make a stop motion light art video that almost acts like a music video because I’ll have a song playing with the motion. I am trying to make it so that the visuals change as the song takes new directions. I want it to be comprised of a number of visual experiences almost like it’s a dream about the gnarliest musical experience. 

Here’s the type of aesthetic I’m going for:

I also want to implement the use of shadows to provide a hint of mystery for the viewer. I also think this will create a nice contrast for the video by using darkness as a base and light as a canvas.

I like the grainy vibe I got from this frame. Creates a lofi aesthetic.

Parts of the video I want to create stop motion of the drummer and guitarist playing in light form which will look like this:

I still need to fill up about a minute and a few seconds of music time with visuals so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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