Interactive Robotic Light Painting Concept Proposal

This project is being proposed on behalf of Caleb Wagner, Ben Liang, and Jarod Romankiw. There are three major components to this project that focus on interaction with people, light painting in real-time, and robotic/automated elements. 

Real-Time Light Painting

We propose using real-time light painting software to be able to generate light art in a real-time fashion. This will allow for the generation of light paintings without having to process images first or do any kind of editing. 

Human Interaction

The materials used to create the light paining in real-time will consist of both robots and humans. We intend to have a phone app that will be able to control robots with LEDs on them. The robots will be driven by humans through their phones in order to move the LEDs around to create the light painting. For example, a user will draw a straight line on their phone, and the robot will copy this motion. This will put the power of light painting literally in the hands of the people and allow for interesting and dynamic creations to be made. We intend to have three robots that are capable of being controlled to allow different people to work together to create works of art. 

Automated Elements

To make this project not just focused on the outcome of creating a light painting, we also intend to focus on the actual experience of creating art. To this end, we intend to have music playing that is controlled by the type of art being created. For example, if a user draws lines that are close together, the intensity of the music will increase (ie the song will be dramatic and action-oriented). Sweeping, lazy lines that are far apart will play slower, more peaceful music. 

Ultimately, this project will allow for users to create their very own light paintings with other people by controlling robots through their phones. All the while, they will enjoy the actual experience of creating art by listening to music that matches their light painting. 


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