Concept Proposal – Perspective Piece

The concept that I would like to focus on is creating a piece that changes shape based on the way that it’s viewed. An example of a piece I gained inspiration from can be seen below.

The image created by suspended guns from one side.
The image created by suspended guns from the adjacent side.

Once the viewer walks around the piece 90 degrees, the image changes. This piece is being hung from a ceiling, but I will create a mobile, cubical structure to hold my piece. The structure will have a top from which the strings of light would hang from to create the images. Regardless of which side the piece is viewed from, it will display one of two images. Like the piece shown, I want the images to have a message about an issue in today’s society. I am still brainstorming what the images will be, but I want the message to be about ocean pollution. A video of someone walking around this piece of art can be found here.    

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