Concept Proposal – Nam Tran

So far I have a couple of big ideas I’m thinking of, both of which revolves around the use of LEDs, probably RGB. My goal for this project is to incorporate either user interaction or live data feed.

1. Theremin Light Installation

The first one is a Theremin-based light installation. The idea is to use a theremin, or multiple theremin to control lighting. This could either be a display or an overhead RGB light installation that the user stands under. This could potentially works with multiple theremin antennas, each and be mapped to a color channel (either RGB or HSL).

Overhead light, something like this

One of my inspirations is this $700 theremin lamp. Another one is the fact that I think theremins are neat and I have been trying to find an excuse to make one for a long time.

2. Lightning Globe

A second project idea is a live lightning map, on a globe display. Lightning map is mesmerizing to look at, and it’d be great to project that over a globe that you can interact and look at in a physical space.

The challenge of this project is to choose a suitable resolution for the globe. Too small and it won’t be able to convey anything meaningful; Too big and it will be too cost and time consuming to make.

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