Jarod Romankiw – Introduction

Hi fellow Light Art Practicum peers!

I’m currently a senior completing my BS in Aerospace Engineering and my MS in Mechanical Engineering. While I’m dead set on getting a technical degree, my passion for the arts are strong, which makes it one of my more practiced hobbies. I explore these artistic passions through photography, graphic design, and video production. While these activities are more or less ‘for fun’, I treat them like a profession, and spend countless hours perfecting my craft.

I took the course “AR 3200 – Interactive Electronic Arts” with Josh last B-Term. I got some cool exposure to how Arduinos work. I would say I don’t have a strong programming background. I use MATLAB for my Aerospace coursework on a daily basis, but that language doesn’t have any physical interface platform.

I really enjoy music, I usually spend the entire day listening to some form of music. (Taylor Swift’s new album is fire). I’m also a musician, often playing Disney songs on piano and such.

I get most inspired to do art by scrolling through Pinterest to be honest. I’m definitely tend to get inspiration from other people, and putting my own style on things.

Over the summer I worked on a personal graphic design project where I branded my name. It was pretty fun, especially on rainy days. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out (I attached it below).

While art doesn’t really align with my career, it sure is a good way for me to relax when I’m stressed or want something fun to do. I really enjoy that about art, and I’m sure it will continue to be a big part of my life as I grow older. Nice to meet you all!

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