Sofia de Oliveira – Intro

My experience with art is very amateur. Aside from the three classes I’ve already taken at WPI, I have not had any additional professional lessons. However, art is something that I enjoy doing, and something that I find to be a calming presence. Each form of art that I have done has been quite traditional – painting, drawing, or collaging. I have never incorporated technology into my art, so I’m excited for an opportunity to do so. I am taking my first programming class this term, and only have a very basic knowledge of other electronics and technology. The only type of art I have practiced is painting, drawing, and traditionally form. I have never played an instrument or did dance. However, I am an athlete and have been my whole life. While doing sports is not traditionally known as an art, it takes practice and dedication, just like any traditional art form.

            From being a swimmer for almost thirteen years, and from growing up two miles from the beach, I have always had a love for water. In addition, I have always liked learning about the human body. My creative inspirations would be the ocean and water, as well as the human body because I like both of those things and find them to be beautiful. Art is an engaging way to learn new things, and one of my goals for my life is to never stop learning. Art will continuously help me learn about new things and new places.            

The most creative projects that I am proud of are pieces that I put together for the three art classes I took at WPI last year. In addition, I made a flower pot for my little sister in my sorority, and a solar panel as an independent study. I am proud of how each of these projects came out, and I look forward to adding another one over the course of this term!

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