Caleb Wagner Introduction

Art Experience

I have some different experience working with various mediums. I first started out drawing with pencil and paper, drawing sketches throughout the day. I soon became very interested in optical art as well as graffiti. Some of my works can be found below.

Since college, I have been working with additional mediums. I first worked with digital art and animation softwares, such as Adobe Photoshop and Maya. These skills have come in handy any time I have needed custom logos or edited images.

I also really like to work with my hands and try and build lots of things that can be held, moved, or interacted with in some way. I have worked with everything from plastic to wood to wax to metal.

An example of some interactive projects I have made can be found below:

I like trying to blend art with technology, such as for the project shown below. This project was designed to simulate what a distracted driver is like, specifically how their reaction time is significantly slower when they are texting while driving.

Technical Experience

I have a lot of experience with programming, electronics, and other technology, as my background is in Computer Science and Robotics. I have worked on a lot of different really cool projects, many of which can be found in my project demo reel below. Additionally, check out my personal website for more information about the technical projects I am working/have worked on:


I am interested in art for many reasons. Firstly, I recognize the importance of having engineering projects that are visually appealing. Projects that do not look good will never attract clients or customers. For example, people can sometimes be scared of robots and what they are capable of, so designing robots to not just be functional but also look friendly and inviting can help elevate a product’s acceptance. I also like art because of the way it can cause people to think about things in a completely different perspective. I always admire when an artist is able to make something that has a profound meaning and yet is simplistic in its nature.

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