Failure – J Lopez

In the spirit of trying something new, I wanted to attempt to animate using a technique that I’ve seen done before where each frame is drawn on a sticky note. However, I plan to have a light shine behind the sticky note to the drawing lights up. After animating a short clip to test it out, I ran into a couple problems.

  1. The lighting would change significantly in some shots as opposed to others. This creates a terrible “flicking” effect that no one likes.
  2. The animation is not very centered on the object moving due to the sticky notes not being placed in consistent positions.

After playing through the clip a number of times, I concluded that I need a better way to know where to stick the next note and so on. Maybe an onionskinning feature would be useful or perhaps a square on my laptop that shows where to place them. Also, I need to figure out certain settings that evenly light the frame so I don’t get awkward light changes between frames as shown below…

This frame has a pretty consistent white light throughout
While this frame has a black shade along the edge

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