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This week my original plan was to get all the LED lights setup and running to take some practice shots. I figured my failing point would happen during my first couple of photos, but it did not go according to plan.

My plan is to solder connectors onto the led light controller and then the LED lights to the controller as pictured below. This will allow me to easily plug lights into either an RC plane or drone. I only had a few hours to do all the soldering and I figured it would be an easy endeavor since it is something I have done many times before. This thought was wrong. Upon trying to solder everything, the soldering iron offered in Foise only had a very small tip. This made it very hard to solder the larger wires to put into the connectors as it doesn’t carry enough heat the melt through the large amount of solder. I attempted to use the soldering iron and got a little bit of the way there. Before I was out of time I dug around and found some large solder tips in the tool chest and it began to work better. Now with the newly found tips, I can finally solder everything together and get the lights ready for photos.

How I will solder everything together
New Larger Solder Tips

I did get a chance to take some photos with the LED light strip. I think they turned out pretty well. I am pretty confident I will be able to achieve desired results once they are flying through the air.

Long Exposure with LED Strip
Long Exposure with LED Strip

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