Polish & Present

This week, I completely finished the project by making the surface look better and more solid. Also, I added a base support to enable the light to be stably set on table.

To make it solid, I used my “fail” idea, which is overlaying lots of paper tissue on the original frame by using glue. After it total dry and stable, I applied white acrylic paint on the surface to make it look more nature and textured.

A view without light
A side view

Also, since it is a round shape, it is hard to stand on table, which I used hardboard to create a base for it. The base is also painted by white color, which makes it look like the same texture as the surface of the frame.

Final view

In addition, with another cover, the light is only through the front side. I feel it looks better, because the shadow between layers is clearer and has more contrasts with other layers.

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