A Now Polished Monstrance – Jack Ruddat

This week I set to finalize my project by working on the positioning and wiring of the red and white LEDs. A diagram was drawn to serve as a guide for the placement of each of the nine LEDs so that they could be set at equal distances from each other. Sets of three series-connected LEDs were connected in parallel with the outer two sets.

I used the aluminum as a backdrop to attain a visual of how the two colors would interact together. It ended up being quite beautiful, the transitions subtle, and reflections bright.

LEDs Against Aluminum Background

Now in its final stage, the LEDs are set around the headpiece of the Monstrance where the Holy Eucharist would normally be placed. All that is left is to create a fog in which the 40° beam angle of each LED can be distinguished. The red represents the blood of Christ which is the life of souls , whereas the white represents the water of Christ purifying souls. The blood and water of Christ flowed from His side near the end of His Passion on the cross, allowing the world to be freed from the bonds of sin. My inspiration comes from the Divine Mercy image painted from St. Faustina’s vision in 1931.

LEDs Set Radially Around the Headpiece of the Monstrance

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