Failure, Recalibration & Iteration — Dian Chen

I don’t really have failure this week, since there is little technological element in the project. After deciding to change the subject of the project, I created this flat version of what I want the night light look like.

Scene of the night light

One failed experiment is that firstly, I would like the “moon” to be the only light source in this project, but it is not bright enough. I used paper tissue and balloon to create this little light ball, and put lots of LED inside it. However, with this kind of light source, it is difficult to have the feel of light box.

“Moon” made from paper tissue

This is most pieces of the night light. My next step will be finding an appropriate material to create a frame to assemble those pieces and install another light source. I bought some LED strip lights on Amazon, and it will work as a light source to create pretty effect with the paper.

Putting different layer together

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