Failure – Sofia de Oliveira

            This week, I had a few failures. My original plan for how I would attach the top pegboards has changed. I was going to place the pegboard on top and drill them down, however, the pegboard is much smaller than the framework, so I have attached them with string so it hangs in the middle. This idea will work for the final project, but I will have to get different string to blend into the black better and paint the pegboard black.

Another failure I had was attaching the top from to the bottom. I originally had planned to attach the PVC pipes by melting the plastic and placing the tubes to the fittings that connects the top framework. However, that would cause the height to be shorter than the width or the length, so it would not be a perfect cube. Because of this, I’ve ordered new pipe fittings to accommodate the vertical pipes in the frame as well. Unfortunately, the parts that I’ve ordered have not come in yet.

A software struggle I’ve been having is logging into my WPI account, because of this, I am unable to use SolidWorks to model the image. However, I have decided that one image will be a wave, and another will be a trash can. This will hopefully draw attention to ocean pollution. I’m working with IT to figure out the password issue and will be starting the SolidWorks model later this week.     

One of the images will be modeled after this trash can.
The other image will be modeled after this wave.

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