Paper Nature Revision – Minh-Chau Doan

For this project, I identified ways I could improve it: Making the videos connect better because they seem choppy to me, Adding audios and/or animations like an overlay of snow falling, Adding more videos to each season, Adding the season of fall, Better incorporation of ground, Better randomization (less choppy transitions and less repeats).

I connected the videos together by tying them into the theme of a greeting card. I added animations of handwritten greetings based on the seasons (ex: “Happy Holidays” for winter). This was done on Animate CC. The animations were then put over the nature videos and layered so that they only appeared based on the right season.

I added soothing audios for each season. At first, this gave me a lot of trouble but I found the correct audio driver and then everything worked fine.

I also added the last season: fall. On the paper greeting card, the left side is a collage of fall leaves I collected on campus. I glued conductive thread on top, much like the dried flowers. There are two videos that this season alternates between.

The interactive component for spring was originally the pencil drawing of leaves next to the pop up flower. However, the conductivity stopped working probably because of wear and tear over time. I put foil over the flower instead so you could actually interact with the pop up flower.



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