Paper Nature Concept Art – Minh-Chau Doan

My concept for the paper nature project is to make a card depicting the seasons. This holds sentimental value to me because I usually make cards for my friends as part of their presents.

On the front, I envision a simple abstract origami Christmas tree with a star above. This is the Christmas card design I used during high school to thank my teachers with. I could use conductive thread or paint as the string lights on the tree and triggering this would create a twinkling sound and bokeh lights to appear. I also wanted to depict snow as part of the winter season so I would have the background be foil and then overlay paper with cut out holes to mimic snow. When the “snow” (foil) is touched, a video of snow would appear.

When the card opens, the center will be a popup of a flower to show a flower “blooming” which represents spring. When the flower is touched, it would trigger a flower blooming video. I have not played around with pop up art a lot so this is something I am really excited to try out. Below is some inspiration for the flower pop up.

In the background would be pressed leaves to represent fall. Over the years, I have pressed flowers and used them as part of my card designs so this also holds sentimental value. When the leaves are touched, there would be a video of leaves falling or people playing with the leaves along with the sound of leaves crunching.

pressed flower card I made before

On the bottom would be a drawing of a field of flowers to represent summer.  Summer was the hardest to represent for me but I thought a field of flowers would fit well with the aesthetics. This could also be interchangeable with a drawing of waves.

Overall concept sketch:

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