Han Liu Animated Abstraction

The Geometric Abstraction of mine already involvesĀ  motion and this animated abstraction is an upgraded version with more movements, complexity and some simple sound effects. The whole shape isĀ  a 3D “diamond” or a double-pyramid , which is made of 7 layers of simple geometric objects. The motion modes contain both individual object moving towards a rectangular path and the whole cluster moves in palindromic way. Every move will trigger some sound effects and the color changes randomly, layer by layer. The scale of the objects by default changes according to the movements of the cluster, while random modes are also available.





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  1. Interesting combination of random and ordered.

  2. Adam Moran says:

    I like how each layer now has its own color so that not every shape is the same color. I think that it could be better if the same was true for the scale of the shapes. As they are shown, the scaling is still the same between all the shapes.

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