Will Gaddis Intro Portfolio

Creative arts and digital media have always been at the forefront of my interests throughout my life. I worked primarily with traditional media such as drawing, painting, and sculpture earlier in my life. But starting about 4 years ago I began transitioning to the world of digital arts.

I have spent the past few years at WPI primarily focusing my efforts on 3D modeling and asset creation for digital environments. Most of this work is done through computer programs such as Autodesk Maya and game engines such as Unreal.

I have very little experience in any technical skills regarding programming or engineering. However, earlier this year I purchased A Canon Mirrorless camera and began experimenting with photography. After embarking on a month-long road-trip this summer, the art of photographing and design has been one of the most exciting prospects to me. I do basic color correction and touch-ups in lightroom and photoshop, but for the most part the photos are not heavily changed. The process of not only taking and editing a photo, but also finding that special location or composite is what make the journey of photography so compelling to me. I am inspired primarily by colors and how they contrast and complement each other, as well as well-balanced subjects with interesting stories behind them. I have primarily worked on landscape photography, but hope to begin to expand into portraiture and maybe even some video production.

I hope to take my eye for design and passion for aesthetic photography and combine that with my graphic design skills to develop a career in marketing, branding, and advertising communications. I’ve included some recent logo rough sketches I’m working on right now as well as some photo projects from the summer in this blog post to highlight recent works.

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