Ben Liang – Introduction

Hi there!

My first memory about art was when I was very little. I loved to draw. My grandma bought me an art books that had outlined figures in them and she told me to pick different colors and color them however I wanted. At first I did exactly just that made the figures all colorful and messy. But it took very long to color each one and I didn’t like the way they came out. So I decided to pick my favorite color at the time — black —, and colored every one of the remaining figures in black. I didn’t have to pick other colors and the black would just cover up the outlines so one wouldn’t be able to tell if I had completely colored the whole figure or not. I was able to do it so fast that by the time my grandma had realized what I was doing, I had completely finished the book. She was so surprised when she found out the book she just bought for me was completely “ruined”.

However, as I grew older, my passion for drawing slowly faded away, partly because I found other hobbies and partly because I realized I wasn’t the best at drawing. I enjoyed photography more because my parents used to travel with me almost every vacation and until now I’m still very excited about visiting somewhere new.

In the past few years, I didn’t have as many chances to travel as I did before so most of the pictures that I took had been scenes from my daily life.

In WPI, I took Interactive Electronic Art and 3D Animation I. Below is an animation that I’ve recreated based on one of my favorite scenes from the movie Megamind:

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