Nicholas Weddington Artist Introduction

I have always had a passion for art and a desire to express my creative freedom. Since I was young, my mother always encouraged me to explore various practices of art. I used to want to be an actor, but after attending an overnight summer program, I did not enjoy being bossed around and not playing a role in creating or directing the movie. I also was a part of a hip-hop dance team in elementary school. Dancing is still fun to me, but I did not like feeling secluded as one of the two boys and having strict routines. In high school, I got into fashion and began recreating popular “do it yourself” projects that my friends loved. This resulted in me selling necklaces, bracelets, t-shirts, tie-dye socks, foxtails, studded jackets and sweatshirts. I received the most attention from my Marvel denim jacket that I created with my aunt. As I started to write more in high school, I found an interest in poetry, especially clever metaphors. It was my International Baccalaureate Art course in high school that made me appreciate art history and the diversity in cultural representation through art. The course forced me to deeply analyze the artwork of different periods and cultures, so when I see art now, I can’t help but break down the components, message, meaning, and emotions triggered behind it.

My current inspiration does not come from a person, it is derived from the cultures that I associate myself with. Typically, I lean towards an alternative soul chic and hip-hop urban street style, but I like various styles from around the world, so I try to incorporate them into my work and style. Recently, I spent time over the summer developing sketches and ideas for my clothing line. When I was in Atlanta at the end of summer, I helped my friend with his creative directing project.

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           I found a creative eye through technology in high school, and it has led me to where I am today. In high school, I joined my robotics team and took on the leading role as marketing chair and designed logo, mascot, spirit wear and equipment with my aunt. After doing more technical work, I realized how much I enjoy working with tech and decided to peruse a career in robotics and electrical engineering. I have had experiences with the programming languages Java, C, and C++, on various platforms including Arduino, Eclipse, and IntelliJ. Ultimately, my goal is to give back to the community by helping the youth in developing regions get inspired through STEAM by providing them with resources to succeed. Art plays a huge role in that by assuring they are comfortable and have a haven to bring their creative and intellectual ideas to life.

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