Dian Chen — An introduction

A long time ago, art making becomes a part of my life, but it has been limited to traditional painting methods by using a pen and paper. It is a really convenient way for me to record what I am interested in at anytime, anywhere. After attending to WPI, I started to contact and learn other technologies for art making. Last year, I took Digital imaging and computer art, which introduced a new perspective of art making in electric media and a three dimension. Unlike classic art making, digital media provides more opportunity for art, but it is also harder to control.

A view of my room using Maya

For most of time, I use Photoshop and Maya to practice on creating scenes and models. In art making process, my favorite part is to transform what I like into different forms by myself. I always like the story and charactors in the fiction, the Little Prince, which I used Maya to create some models and scenes to present the story.

A scene in the fiction

I am computer science major, which I learn lots of programming technology, but I have not used them in art making. Light art is a great topic and opportunity for me to create something special in the area I am good at. Also, I have some knowledge about electric engineering, which I can do simple circuit and LED implementation for art making.

Also, when I took Human Computer Interactive course, I and my friends created an AR game, that the goal of game is to find the “real” egg in the scene. I think this kind of interactive technology can be also used in the creation of light art, which provides more possibility to present the format of art.

There are also other creative arts I always like to practice. Craft, for example, allows us to use various material, including paper, glass, wood, pottery, to create art works in any dimension. I can present my existing art works in a total different view by combination various materials on specific media.

A figure drawing

I feel that all my inspiration for art making come from my daily life, like a movie, a picture or a scenery. Since my goal to create art work is just to record my life and present them in various ways, the source of my inspiration just fits my motivation, which encourages me to practice and learn more widely.

During I visited the Worcester Art Museum, I was deeply attract by a kind of painting associated with plenty of Japanese elements, such as color and content. After I went home, I created my own art work with some representative elements of Japan.

Painting inspired by Japanese culture

There is also a particular room for light art in the Worcester Art Museum, which I’m really attractive by its unbelievable format for presenting art work. I think this is a great opportunity for me to learn and practice my own design and idea in light art.

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