All Stages Considered and Working – Jack Ruddat

Machining the base of the Monstrance

I have thus far finished machining the base of the monstrance, needing only to make the center and head pieces. This was the most difficult and time consuming stage of my project as it required many hours of tool/machine setup, programming, and special attention to detail in the machine shop. I have decided as to how I will be wiring the series of LEDs used to provide life to the final part. Since the power supply can provide anywhere from 0 to 10 volts and the LEDs should use a total of 5.1V, all will be needed are voltage dividers made from series of resistors on a breadboard. Likewise, the power supply outputs a total of 60 mA, and so can provide, as a current divider, the necessary 60 mA needed by the LEDs.

View of the program running as it roughs out the basic shape
Circuit Diagram for the White LEDs
Circuit Diagram for the Red LEDs

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