Everything Working-Ish – IRLP

This maquette is being written on behalf of Caleb Wagner, Ben Liang, and Jarod Romankiw.

The interactive robotic light painting (IRLP) has been working on the final development of our artistic creation. This post focuses on the three main areas of our project, and how they’ve developed over the past week.


The robot is still a work in progress. Faulty sensors and hungry battery components have made this week difficult. While when working, the robot is fully functional, it still has some connection errors with the phone. This is related to the bluetooth module’s connection abilities. This is a task that has to be ironed out in the next week. Power has also been a problem. We’ve been burning through batteries because we think the motors on the robot are very power hungry. So, we’ve fitted a wired solution which plugs into the wall for the moment to try and alleviate some of these issues. We added an LED ring to the robot which looks really cool!

We modeled a casing to go on top of the robot which will hide all of the wires and only expose the led portion. It’s currently being printed.

The sink is designed to house the led ring.
Stand offs allow the casing to rest on the robot.

Human Interaction

The phone app can now control different colors on the robot, and different flashing patterns. This allows the artist to get very creative when painting their canvas.


Raw Image from LPL Software
Processed image in Lightroom

Using the auto import and present function in Lightroom, images are exported from the live painting software to Lightroom and processed to remove noise and increase contrast and saturation. This really helps the image pop and since it’s automated, it’s really no hassle at all!

The LPL software also captures a video of the light painting, making the experience of painting the canvas, replay-able.


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