Polish and Present – JLopez

This final week, I am focusing on creating a nice flow of the different clips I have in order to tell a story nicely. This requires some post production for creating the texture in the shots that I want. Below is a newer shot I’ll have that goes along with the Dark shadow vibe that has a nice warm fuchsia tint like some of the other shots in my video. If anything, the different clips will show off my personality and art style, even if it makes no sense.

Combination of neon lighting and shadows
After post, this is that fuchsia tint that I mentioned earlier

I hope to be able to present my piece in the digital art room in Fuller on the projector and everyone can gather around or sit down on the floor and watch it. If need be, we can move to our classroom and pull the video up on that screen. I plan to upload it to youtube as well so anyone can take a look at it if they wish.

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