Polish and Present – Joncarlo

This week went mostly well. I was able to take a lot of photos with the drone and create some cool effects in the sky. The weather at the end of the week started becoming less than ideal so, I switched gears a little bit in order to capture more content. Since the wind was too strong I took out an RC car instead of a drone. I strapped the LED lights to the RC car and captured some really interesting long exposures.

To get ready to present everything on Monday I have been going through and picking the best photos. I have then edited them all slightly in LightRoom to make them look cleaner and add some dramatic effect. I have now selected five photos, from the few hundred taken, to get printed. To present on Monday I will arrange my photographs on the wall to create a photo gallery type experience. Below is a sneak peek of one of the photos, I do not want to give everything away just yet.

One of the photos which will be on display

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