Maquette – Joncarlo Avila

I experimented with a small drone which already had a few dim LEDs onboard. I took various shots indoors. I also used a foam glider with a flashlight attached to simulate an RC plane but the glider was too quick to capture well. I think flying an RC airplane at a higher altitude will help this. Below are a few photos of the small drone. I used a 6 second exposure and a 15 second exposure. The pictures do look more dark in the back ground than I would like in the actual ones but playing with some of the settings I can make it brighter. I am also predicting that the night sky will be brighter than a dark room because of light pollution. The LEDs I will be using on the larger drone and RC plane will also be a lot brighter. I can also add multiple pictures together in post processing.

Shopping List:

Tri Pod

LED Light Controller

LED Strip Lights, With Controller Because It’s Cheaper

Whirley Bird Toys (Optional)

The longest lead time of any of the parts is 5 days for the LED Controller. If I order everything this week, I will have all of the parts by the end of the week and I can have everything assembled and ready to begin photographing by the weekend of the 21st. This will give me ample time to shoot at various times and various locations for the next few weeks to achieve the best photos.

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